TMC MENA is a subsidiary of TMC Pvt Ltd.

TMC, since its inception in 2010, has stood as a vanguard of Business Intelligence globally, blossoming into one of the leading System Integrator companies. With an unwavering commitment to driving growth and enhancing competitiveness, we offer an expansive array of digital transformation solutions that enable organizations to harness the boundless potential of data and technology. TMC Pvt Ltd forges strategic alliances with global technology leaders SAP and Qlik, attaining the esteemed status of SAP Gold partnership and Qlik Master Resellership in the region. Our dedicated team has fostered enduring relationships with clients spanning a diverse spectrum of industries across the Middle East and North America. Through our holistic services, we guide customers on a digital transformative journey, emboldening them to embrace the infinite possibilities of today and tomorrow.

Our Most Vital Aspiration: Pioneering Digital Transformation 

TMC’s resolute ambition is to ascend as the foremost choice for a Digital Transformation Partner, revered by organizations across the globe.  Our philosophy is rooted in a customer-centric approach, where consistency, determination, and diligent effort flourish. Uniting our forces, we strive to deliver lucrative outcomes to clients worldwide, leveraging the profound capacities of SAP services. At TMC, we thrive amidst arduous undertakings, employing our expertise to orchestrate a symphony of quality work.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

SAP ERP Solutions & Business Consulting

We guide our patrons on a transformative expedition towards the realm of the ‘Intelligent Enterprise.’ Beginning with SAP’s digital core, SAP S/4HANA ERP, our repertoire extends to encompass the sphere of ‘Human Experience Management,’ incorporating SAP SuccessFactors, SAP CX (Customer Experience), and an extensive suite of all-encompassing solutions for digital metamorphosis.

Business Intelligence with Qlik (Qlik Master Reseller)

TMC has proudly executed over 150 Business Intelligence endeavors globally, skillfully transmuting data into precious insights for our esteemed clientele. Collaborating seamlessly with Qlik, we have orchestrated Qlik Academy and spearheaded ‘Data Literacy’ campaigns, empowering organizations to cultivate an analytical mindset.

About TMC
Our leadership

Abdul Haseeb

Abdul Haseeb

Managing Director

Mohtashim Jangda

Mohtashim Jangda

Director Business - MENA & USA

Atif Ahmed

Atif Ahmed

VP - Head of International Sales


Add value and deliver innovation to our client’s business operation via our technology and change management skills.


Become an innovation leader in delivering Enterprise Business Applications across multiple industries, globally.

Abdul Haseeb

Message from the Managing Director TMC

Unleashing the Transformative Power of Data

In the realm of digital transformation, both public and private sectors stand adorned with vast reservoirs of data. Yet, the true challenge that lies before us is not in the abundance of data, but rather in the art of harnessing its potential to fuel our business aspirations. The true essence of business intelligence emerges when this wealth of information is readily accessible to all stakeholders, empowering knowledge workers across the organization. As we embark on our mission, one of our foremost objectives is to unify the realms of IT and management, forging a harmonious alliance that bestows upon them the ability to deliver business intelligence in a manner that is both governed and secure, while maintaining a steadfast focus on achieving tangible outcomes. 

Abdul Haseeb




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